The need to work with tolerance in between groups and individuals is nothing that stops at national borders. Especially not with the current refugee situation that Europe faces.

Lika Olika Educations offers a diverse range of tolerance lectures and workshops to the international arena to both private and public actors. Through tailor made lectures and workshops the Lika Olika team train the participants to open their mind and heart to what is considered to be different and frictional. It may be origin, color, gender, sexuality, physical disability or mental impairments and much more. Lika Olika educates and trains in tolerance towards all human differences with the aim to minimize intolerance, friction and stagnated innovation and individual health.

“We help the teams to come together. No matter if it is companies, associations, kindergartens, schools or the local fotball team.”

Previous international customers are localised in Austria, Switzerland and Finland and on the Åland islands. Both organizations, governments and companies.

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